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Tag: C#

Startup.cs Class In ASP.NET Core, where the configuration start

Startup.cs class in ASP.NET Core was changed and now it is clearer and divided in better sections. This is my opinion. The first thing that we have to understand: what is it for? How is it run? I begin the answer that this class is intended to be the initial point of project, by default the class called Startup is initialized by configuration of host, I am going to explain later. In this class is initialized all configurations needed to the project and now I am going to show so you can understand better.

ASP.NET Core and why so many changes? This is good or bad?

Why is there so much change in the new ASP.NET Core? It’s now called ASP.NET Core 1.0. What changed? What does Microsoft desire with this version? What will this version facilitate in our job? These are some of the questions that I answer in this article, beyond explaining what the internal changes inside of the new development platform are. This is my first article about the matter. So, let’s get started!

Gerando uma lista randômica com LINQ

Boa noite!

“Vira e mexe” precisamos gerar uma lista randômica (não ordenada e aleatória) para ser apresentado em alguma parte do sistema, por exemplo os imóveis de uma imobiliária na home do site e obviamente que essa lista randômica pode ser gerada no momento que os dados são buscado no banco de dados e ai é só mostrar na tela. Mas e quando precisamos fazer isso através do C#?